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Pet Sitting

Slumber Care (In-Our-Home): 

Dogs: $60/calendar day*. This includes two 30-minute walks, soft bedding, food bowls, playtime, bathroom breaks throughout the day, and lots of loving company. Transportation to and from our homes will be provided by Tail Wags Pet Care.

Cats and all other in home pets: $40/day. 

*Please inquire about fees for additional pets.

Pet Pal (In-Your-Home): 

Dogs: $25/visit          Cats: $20/visit 
You can schedule as many visits per day as you would like. Tail Wags will make visits between the hours of 8:30am and 10:30pm. Service prior to 8:30 and after 10:30 is available for an extra charge of $5 per visit. Each house call is no less than twenty minutes, and is oftentimes longer since it includes a bathroom break, feeding, watering, playtime, and treats. While you are away, Tail Wags Pet Care also offers additional complimentary services such as plant maintenance, mail and newspaper retrieval, and any additional safety precautions to create the appearance that someone is home. 

Pet Pal Party (overnight care in-your-home):

Rates starting at $100/night. Please inquire for more information. 


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