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At Tail Wags Pet Care, we take our responsibilities seriously; we understand that there can be anxiety associated with leaving your pet while you are at work, away for the day, or away on a long trip. For this reason, we want to help relieve you of some of these anxieties. Aside, from always providing safe, dependable, loving service while you are away, we also want to offer you some peace of mind by sharing just a few references/testimonials with you. We are always happy to provide additional references; however, please browse the testimonials below first to hear some of what our Pet Pal Parents have to say! 

Professionalism. Understanding of animals and their unique personalities. Expert handling and care. As the owners of two dogs, these are the qualities we look for in pet care. Lots of affection. Plenty of exercise. Good food and a warm bed. That’s what our dogs look for. With Tail Wags Slumber Care service, we all found what we were looking for and we’ve been using them ever since. When we go on a trip we know that our two dogs will have the best possible care with Tail Wags Slumber Care service. Their excited happiness when they are picked up, contentment when they come home, and keen desire to go right back home with Mary & Kate are clear signs that they really enjoy their slumber ‘parties.’ In fact, my husband and I sometimes wonder if our dogs wouldn’t prefer Tail Wags slumber care all the time! 
--Barbara Gottshalk, Alexandria, VA

I feel so lucky to have found you guys! Alex just feels so comfortable with you, I can’t believe it. We used a different pet sitter for years, all the while thinking that Alex was just one of those dogs that was going to be unhappy when we were gone—but the first time we decided to try you guys to try something new, we came back to a happy, relaxed dog! It was amazing! He used to go on a hunger strike with the other sitter, but with you guys taking care of him, he actually looked like he had gained weight! He used to be so overly hyper when we got back, but that time he was relaxed, laid back and well exercised! I still can’t believe how comfortable he feels with you! I just can’t thank you enough! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! 
--Beatrix Cahill & family, Alexandria, VA

Hi there! My name is Ellie and I just turned 5 months old! My mom and dad are hard-working professionals who love me lots, but needed reliable, loving help during the day so I can use the potty. My parents originally learned about “Tail Wags” from their website. Soon after mom and dad contacted Mary and Kate, they came to meet me! As soon as I greeted them at the front door, I was in love! Not only did they bring me some treats, they readily got down on my level and played with me and my toys. I was relieved when I saw the smiles on mom and dad’s faces, because I REALLY liked my new playmates! Mom and dad received lots of information, references, and guidance as they were first-time parents of a chocolate lab puppy. Mary and Kate have constantly gone out of their way for me! Only after a few weeks at my new home, I accidentally got into some plastic bags with dad which made me very sick. Mom and Dad stayed at home with me for the first day I was sick, but after that I had Mary and Kate. They came and spent extra time with me so I could use the potty! I know Mom and Dad were relieved they had help nearby who could come make sure I was doing ok. Recently, against my wishes, I had to visit the vet for neutering. Boy, talk about being a sore, tired puppy. Mary and Kate immediately offered to go out of their way once again for me! Between you and me, I think I’m a bit spoiled! I’m a very thankful puppy to have a Mom and Dad who love me! However, I am also very grateful to have Mary and Kate come visit everyday so I can go for a walk and potty while mom and dad are at work. They stay and play with me, allowing me time out of my crate, and are always willing to change their schedules on short notice. I know they have lots of other puppies to care for, but they make me feel like I’m the most special!! --Brian Mason, Victoria Molinaro Mason and Ellie Molinaro Mason, Lorton, VA



Unhappy with numerous sitters I’ve tried over the years, I felt extremely frustrated for so long—leaving my five felines became painstaking. To have finally found a business that offers the same love, care and attention to cats has changed my life. I am able to travel now, without even a second thought as to whether my girls are comfortable, well-cared for and safe. The care is genuinely unparallel. Thank you sincerely, Kate and Mary. 
--Lauren Ambrose Graham, Kingstowne, VA

You guys are just such great company for our group! We really appreciate all that you do. Three cats, two pups and a parakeet is not an easy group to deal with, but you guys seem to do it effortlessly. Thanks guys! ---Alana T., Alexandria, Va

We just adore Mary & Kate and feel like they are a part of our little family. Paul and I have only been married for a year and a half and decided right after we got married to save a puppy with a lot of issues. Molly needed two walks a day and we were worried paying for two walks a day would be a little tight on our newly married budget—After we found Tail Wags, we were so thrilled and THEN we found out they had the 10 minute walk option! We were so excited! Molly can have as many walks as she needs and she’s such a happy girl! The way they take care of her is just perfect. – 
--Sheryl Anderson & Paul Briggs, Alexandria, VA

Tail Wags is really an unbelievable service for the residents of Kingstowne. We moved here a few months ago and through our neighbor, decided to try them out. We met Kate & Mary, loved them, the kids loved them, trusted them immediately and then found out about the amazing Kingstowne discount and suddenly started planning two more vacations. We love Binny (Beagle), Tallulah (Maltese), Ronnie (Jack Russell Terrier), and Ana (Orange Tabby) to death, but we always felt so horrible leaving them. Now, they get their own vacation and so do we! We have a life now! Thanks!

--Brandon Atkinson, Melly Atkinson, Binny, Tallulah, Ronnie, Ana in Kingstowne, VA

Well, there’s nothing to say short of thank you, you’re really good at what you do and you make leaving home completely worry-free. --Prescott Curry, Alexandria, Va 

I had never heard of a service that really treated pets as if they were on their own vacation. Whether the boys are in Slumber Care or they stay home and use the Pet Pal service, they just seem really happy. I feel like they're getting a vacation and I don’t have to feel bad about leaving them, which is a first for me.

–D. Thompson, Alexandria, Va

Chi Chi and Tully never take to people very well. They’re Chihuahuas and a little skittish, but somehow, there was something about you guys that made them feel comfortable so quickly. They weren’t skittish at all and it still amazes me how much they like you guys! It’s like they would rather live with you sometimes! We’ve never had that happen with anybody! ---Nathaniel Spinnelli, Alexandria, Va

We’ve had the boys join the playgroups and they came back so happy and exhausted, it was great. It was like giving them a way to really get out some energy but without having to be in a gloomy, sterile, day care environment. --Jack Landry, Kingstowne, Va


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